Saturday, June 29, 2024

Keycap Series: Featuring Artists of the Month

Enjoying art and fun shouldn't come with a hefty price tag; it can be both high-quality and affordable.

Welcome to this monthly new series where I will be spotlighting talented keycap artists whose work I have come across and purchased from them as I love their designs. With reasonable pricing and shipping options that have proven worthwhile to me, here I am sharing them with you. Whether you're in search of intricacy, uniqueness, or affordability in artisan keycaps, I hope you find inspiration and the opportunity to support these creators.

Getting into the hobby and into the rabbit hole of artisan keycaps can be a bit overwhelming for the pocket as one artisan keycap can cost as much as a whole set, with some costing more than S$80 (not including shipping fees yet). And let's not get started on shipping... If you are in Singapore or South East Asia, sometimes shipping from overseas sellers are more than S$20-40+!😡

[Beginner's Guide to Artisan Keycaps: Everything You Need to Know]

Hopefully this list helps you as it did me (especially if you are from South East Asia) and support the lovely artists who are doing a wonderful job, and making it a little bit more easier for you and your wallet in personalizing your mechanical keyboard!

*Do note that these are based on my own experiences and thoughts, so remember to always check the reviews before committing to anything.

Think an artist (who is not on this list and fits the bill) should be added, do let me know in the comments below on where are they and why they should be added! πŸ˜†

Artists Featured:

  • 2024
    • April: πŸŽ wildapplestudio
      • Pricing (per keycap): an average of S$15 to S$80+ (US$11 to US$60+)
      • Shipping to Singapore: less than S$10 (US$8)
      • Shipping Internationally: depends on your location but should be reasonable
      • Wait Time: Orders usually are shipped out within 7-10 working days, then about 11-14 business days for international shipping (to reach you). 
      • Style: 🧚 Whimsical / Fantasy / Sweet 🍬
      • Material: Polymer clay, protected with UV resin
    • May: 🐢 shopqwerkycaps
      • Pricing (per keycap): an average of S$35 to S$65+ (US$25 to US$50+)
      • Shipping to Singapore:  S$3 (US$2.50)
      • Shipping Internationally: around S$10+ (US$8+)
      • Shipping to US: Free shipping for the first order for over US$35
      • Wait Time: Orders usually are shipped out within 7-10 working days, then about 11-14 business days for international shipping (to reach you). Do ask to confirm for the shipment details. For Singaporeans, once it's been shipped out you should get it within 2 working days.
      • Style:  πŸ¬ Fantasy / Gaming / Pop Culture / Nature Inspired / Anime πŸ“Ί
      • Material: Polymer clay, PBT keycap, Matte glaze or UV resin glaze
    • June: 🍡 teas_factory
      • Pricing (per keycap): an average of S$26 to S$36+ (US$20  to US$30+
        • Pricing for commission pieces might vary so always reach out and clarify. 
      • Shipping to Singapore: less than $2 (US$2.50)
      • Shipping Internationally: an average of S$9.30 to S$11.90+ (US$7 to US$10+)
      • Wait Time: My order via Google Forms took a total of 2 working days to get processed and another 4 working days to reach me. Also best to check with teas_factory  on when you can receive your little cutie.
      • Style:  πŸ“Ί Pop Culture / Nature Inspired / Gaming / Anime
      • Material: Resin / Polymer Clay
    • July: ???
    • August: ???
    • September: ???
    • October: ???
    • November: ???
    • December: ???

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