Hello everyone and welcome to my blog about my gaming adventure!

I was always the one having to watch other play games. Most of the time I spent on games was watching and when I did get a chance to play, it was obvious I was not great at it because I never had the opportunity to play (practice) and that was the other excuse why I wasn’t let to play…. cos I was “bad” at it. That didn’t do wonders for my self-esteem and whenever we had gaming sessions with friends, I’d shy away from holding the controllers.

But now, since I am able to get my own gaming console and play games as a participant rather than a spectator, I figured why not make memories out of it. Hence, this blog was born.

Also, since portability and budget was more appealing, I got a Nintendo Switch.

Before we get started, let’s be completely honest and transparent here… 🙂

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Please join me as I document my journey playing (mostly relaxing) games and hopefully get you into gaming if you have not step stepped into digital world of fun!