Thursday, March 24, 2022

Nintendo Switch News: Update 14.0.0


If you have a lot of games on your Nintendo Switch and wanted a way to organize them, you can do it with the latest 14.0.0 version update. This updates comes with a “group” function which allows players to create up to 100 folders or groups. 

Each of these folders, which are called Groups, can hold up to 200 games. Individual games can also be simultaneously accommodated in several groups. The only thing you can't do? Having groups within a group. So if you wanted to create sub groups in a group, sorry but maybe next time. 

The new feature can be found on your Nintendo Switch dashboard by selecting “All Software”. 

Press the L button to view the titles in groups.

  1. If no folders have been created yet, a pop-up window will appear allowing you to create a new group. 
  2. All the games that should be in the folder have to be selected. 
  3. The selected titles can be sorted in the group as you wish. 
  4. Give the new folder a name. 

Note: New groups cannot be displayed on the Nintendo Switch home screen. They are only displayed as soon as you are in the new group menu.

Besides the folder addition, volume setting for Bluetooth devices has also been improved and increased. The volume can now be adjusted either via the Nintendo Switch as usual, or via the volume control on your audio device which has to support AVRCP profiles.

The update should happen automatically, but id it doesn't happen you can always start it manually via the system settings.

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