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Keycap Series: June Artist Featuring teas_factory

For the month of June, the artist of the month is teas_factory who is located in Singapore! Her aim to make affordable keycaps that everyone can enjoy really resonated with me, and her design aesthetics definitely caught my eye. Her design aesthetics are uniquely adorable with creations inspired from cartoon series to animals. She mainly focuses on custom keycaps, but does come up with designs of her own as well. 

Shipping (within Singapore) is the cheapest yet at S$2

International shipping is also reasonable:

  1. Malaysia & Brunei: S$7.10
  2. Countries in Asia & the Pacific (except Australia, Japan, New Zealand): S$9.30
  3. Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the rest of the world: S$11.90

Her keycap creations range from an average of S$26 to S$36+. The price range is appreciated along with the unique and good quality designs. πŸ˜† 

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I first came across teas_factory  on Instagram and went to check out her creations. 😍

What caught my attention was the adorable Sakura Cow. It was simply too cute to resist, and the pricing made it even more irresistible!

Unlike the artists featured so far who have an Etsy or online store, she takes orders via Google Forms and promotes them via her Instagram and Carousell account. The process was really simple: the link to the form is on her accounts and when you've completed it, she will send the invoice over to the email you provided. Simple and easy (especially for Singaporean buyers since PayNow is also accepted). You can even commission designs from her. 😊

teas_factory  was really fast and responsive, even making sure that my address was correct. The invoice was sent shortly after. It took about 6 working days to reach me, which is not too bad considering it was made upon order, and having to wait a bit for the new batch of resin to arrive.

Packaging was on point: little Sakura the Cow was encased in a little cute box with a lovely wax seal affixed on the top; adding a nice touch. She arrived with some cute stickers and notes!

The overall experience was fantastic. I would definitely be getting more keycaps from her in future, espcially for my low profile keyboard. Don't you think it just vibes with the little cutie just perfectly? πŸ˜€

Artist Info

  • Style:  πŸ“Ί Pop Culture / Nature Inspired / Gaming / Anime
  • Pricing(per keycap)an average of S$26 to S$36+ (US$20  to US$30+
    • Pricing for commission pieces might vary so always reach out and clarify. 
  • Shipping to Singapore: less than $2 (US$2.50)
  • Shipping Internationally: an average of S$9.30 to S$11.90+ (US$7 to US$10+)
  • Wait Time: My order via Google Forms took a total of 2 working days to get processed and another 4 working days to reach me. Also best to check with teas_factory  on when you can receive your little cutie.
  • Material: Resin / Polymer Clay
  • Social Media: 

πŸ’— Loves

πŸ’— Unique designs, and offers customization.
πŸ’— Light weight and easy to install caps. It fit my low profile keyboard switch perfectly and easily.
πŸ’— The evenness and smoothness of the end product. 
πŸ’— The attention to detail on Sakura the Cow was immaculate (did you see that behind?!).
πŸ’— Does not look mass manufactured and has personality.
πŸ’— Good quality and amicable, responsive artist (to address and concerns or questions). 
πŸ’— Reasonable and affordable shipping price.
πŸ’— Reasonable pricing and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Remember to compare prices and shipping costs across different artisans and platforms to find the best fit for your budget!

Have you gotten any keycaps from teas_factory ? If the answer is yes, let me know in the comments below what you loved and what did you get! 

[Keycap Series: Featuring Artists of the Month]

[Beginner's Guide to Artisan Keycaps: Everything You Need to Know]

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