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Exploring Artisan Keycap Artists: teeny.snug

teeny.snug is located in sunny Singapore and embarked on her creation journey since March 2022. She started out with many interests from keebs, clay and vtubers, ultimately deciding to focus on clay creations. She has the most adorable series of artisan cat keycaps called “Potted Pets” on her online store. 

Of course, her creations are not limited to just keycaps. She  recently introduced a deskbud series where potted cats and dogs were up for purchase to keep you company while you work, adding that something special to your desk setup.

Can you guess? Yes, I got them cute deskbuds - the cat and dog dark brown version. Little did I know they were so popular and were sold out quite fast after I got them. Thankfully I got them and they are happily on my desk now. πŸ˜†

The packaging was super adorable with a sticker each for the cat and dog deskbuds. I love the little paw print details which are peppered throughout the package! 😍

Purchase Experience

Experience purchasing from the shop was good and straight forward. Navigation was also easy as everything you would want to know from the backstory, how long delivery takes, terms and conditions, adding to cart and check out was straight-forward. 

There are a few ways she offers her creations via her online store:

  • New pre-orders are on her store for 1-2 months before being retired; always added something new.
  • In-stock keycaps are already created and ready top be packed and sent out with a 2-5 day processing time).
  • Raffle: with limited quantity but ready-made keycaps.
  • For more you should check out the FAQ for the latest must updated information.

How to Buy

Head over to the online store and make your purchase. It really is that simple. There is no need to create an account. Just add to cart and checkout. She recently updated her site so it accepts PayPal, but when I was getting my deskbuds payment was via Stripe - so credit (or debit) card or ApplePay of your choice. Either way to process was simple and straight forward.

teeny.snug  announces the creations or updates on her Instagram. She also is working an interesting keycap edition short reel series, so do check her page out! 😍

Artist Info

  • Style:  πŸ±Animals🐢
  • Pricing (per keycap)an average of US$58 to US$98+ (S$78-S$132+)
  • Shipping (Singapore): Depends on whether there are keycaps in the order and ranges from USD$2.5-$4 (S$3.50-S$6)
  • Shipping Internationally: Depends on your country and if the order has keycaps or not. For non-keycaps orders it ranges from USD$7-$11 (S$20-S$50). For orders with keycaps it ranges from USD$11-$14 (S$20-S$50). However, it is alway best to check the shipping & delivery page to get the latest pricing for shipping.
  • Wait Time: In general, about 2-5 working days for ready stock orders and 3-5 week processing time for pre-orders. Do check out the FAQ  and T&C sections for the latest updates.
  • Material: Clay (Hand sculpted)
  • Location:  Singapore
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Stripe or ApplePay 
  • Social Media: 

πŸ’— Loves

πŸ’— The variety of products and ease of navigating the online store. 
πŸ’— Adorable and sweet designs for keycaps, deskbuds and other upcoming products.
πŸ’—Auto currency conversion, making it easier to know the final cost while adding items into the cart in local currency.
πŸ’— Has personality and unique. 
πŸ’— Love the backstory of the origin story for teeny.snug  and her little kitty mascots! 
πŸ’— Responsiveness with any questions and really nice.

Have you gotten any keycaps from teeny.snug ? If the answer is yes, let me know in the comments below what you loved and what did you get! 

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