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Keycap Series: A Shopee Guide to Affordable and Good Quality Artisan Keycaps

This guide will be about sellers on Shopee selling reasonably priced and quality keycaps for Singapore buyers. The best part about Shopee is that there are vouchers which could be used to discount the final price and the best part is delivery is free (just ensure you remember to download the vouchers). 

If you are wondering what is Shopee, it’s basically a shopping platform like Amazon but with pricing closer to Temu. They have an app for Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia, mostly for the South East Asian countries. Besides the (probably) more affordable (cheaper) pricing, shipping is either free or less than SGD$2 (for majority of the sellers). The only downside is that you need a local number and address for each of the Shopee country app. 

 If you have not signed up for Shopee and want to get S$5 off your first order, sign up 🠊here🠈😊 Alternatively, if you already have an account but have not bought anything yet, you can still get S$5 off your first order with this code 7L6EM9H
Do note that if you are viewing it on mobile it will check if you have the app first, if you do it opens in the app, just click ok and you would get to the listing page. Happy Shopping!

Styles of Keycaps

  • Keycap sets: Perfect if you want to change out your old keycaps or simply want to give your mechanical keyboard a new look without having to buy a new one. Any design you can think of as long as it is not the "normal" looking keycaps and comes in enough pieces to fit your keyboard. 
  • Accent Pieces: Usually used on a lesser used key like "Escape" or simply a center piece(s) for your keyboard.
    • Custom: Anything you can imagine is probably able to be turned into a keycap based on your imagination and vision, along with the skills of the artist.
    • Resin/Blanks/Novelty - Based on the artists interpretation and inspiration they create their keycaps and you buy them if you like them from their store or google forms (via raffle sales).

These sellers from Shopee below are ones which I have bought from before and find their designs matching my aesthetics. Their pricing is also wallet friendly ranging from S$5-$30+ per keycap. Hence sharing them with you because sharing is caring. So read on with caution (for your wallet). 😛

If you do find any other artisan keycap sellers with affordable prices on Shopee, let me know in the comments below!

Seller: wowking|Life Technology Digital

Looking for adorable and good quality keycap sets for a reasonable price?  Spy x Family, Sanrio Theme or even the cute bear / cat ears keycap sets etc.. The list goes on... 

Spy x Family Design the purple number keys were a mix and match with the Kuromi set

I found this seller on Shopee and tried their keycaps. I got the Spy x Family, Pokemon and Kuromi designs and the quality is not too bad for the price.  The delivery experience was not too bad, taking about 8 days to reach me. The keycap sets survived the delivery process and came in bags.

Seller: Rabbit Keycap Shop

Cute, affordable and the best part is that it is customizable: you can choose the color of the keycaps! 

The seller is also pretty responsive to the chat and there are many options to choose from. I've bought from this seller a few times and delivery times are within 6-9 days, which can be considered pretty fast. It is also well packaged and the keycaps came in good condition each and every time. 


Looking for something more unique and familiar? I stumbled across this seller on Shopee because of the adorable Winnie the Pooh designs! The heart also got my attention.

Here you can also choose your own keycap color and the type of keycap used is different too, it's XDA which give it a different feeling and profile.

Delivery time is slightly longer than the other sellers, taking about 8-12 days but each key is bubble wrapped and in a cute bag too.  Their designs are unique and adorable. Workmanship is also good.

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